Saturday, March 1, 2008

Marketing Overload

I have to admit that I am a holiday candy junkie! I get excited for each different holiday since it comes with its own unique sugary treat. Halloween and candy corn, Christmas and ribbon candy, Valentine's Day and conversation hearts, and Easter with its Peeps. It seems these last few years the candy choices during the holidays gets more and more overwhelming. Since when do we need Peeps that come in a rainbow of choices, and a multitude of shapes? What ever happened to just getting a package of yellow chick shaped Peeps in your Easter basket? Now them come in green, purple, blue, pink, and yellow (I'm sure I missed a few more colors in there somewhere). To me, the green ones look like they are sick, the blue ones look like the suffocating, and since when do you eat purple or pink food? Peeps even come in cocoa flavored and sugar free! Now I would like to know how a candy made almost exclusively from sugar can be made in a sugar free format - the wonders of Splenda! And now Peeps aren't even an Easter exclusive! You can get cat and ghost shaped ones at Halloween, and tree and Santa shaped ones at Christmas. I'm a purest, keep things traditional and simple, please Mars, Necco,and Just Born don't mix up our holiday candy. So Please Mr./Mrs. Easter Bunny keep it simple for me this year and just send me a few boxes of yellow chick shaped Peeps so that I can leave them on my counter for a few days so I can eat them when they are hard and stale!

Enjoy ~ SJ

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