Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Night Of No Technology

In all of my brilliance I took my briefcase into Mi Prima's house the other night so that my laptops (yes, I have two - my own MacBook, and the State issue MLTI) and my camera wouldn't get cold in the car. Well, as we went out the door to hang out at my house for the night I left the briefcase sitting by the door. Of course I did not realize that the bag and all of its precious contents were momentarily forgotten about until I pulled into my driveway 20 minutes later. Due to my desire to conserve gas we decided to "rough it" for the night without any way to access the internet. I know, I can hear you gasping in shock right now. It was a difficult night, we couldn't just Google burning trivial questions that we had, we couldn't surf Amazon to compare prices of random items, or watch mindless videos on YouTube. We managed to keep ourselves entertained by watching a few episodes of L Word and eating Ben & Jerry's. I somehow awoke the next morning still alive, yet itching to check my morning email and new sites. So after a few cups of coffee and some quick showers we went and rescued the precious electronics and headed out to the Corner Store (a.k.a. Dixfield University) for an afternoon of technology rejuvenation.

Enjoy ~SJ

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