Sunday, March 23, 2008

Maple Sap Sunday

Mi Prima, The Music Man and I participated in my favorite Maine tradition this morning. The fourth Sunday in the month of March is a unique holiday in the state of Maine, it is Maple Syrup Sunday. Traditionally sap houses across the state open their doors to the public so that we can enjoy the fruits of their labor, traditionally a pancake breakfast. The farm that I visit, the Farris Farm on the Canton Point Road in Canton is a multi-generation dairy farm owned by a family friend. At the Farris Farm the sap house sits across the street from the farm, nestled close to the woods which makes sap gathering a little easier. Upon walking through the door the familiar smell of maple sap and pancakes filled the air. Anne was found behind the grittle cooking chocolate chip, blueberry and plain pancakes. According the Art and Kenny it has been a slow year so far for syrup, and many of the other sap houses are not producing as well as they are. So far they have boiled their sap down to produce about 10 gallons of red-ish gold syrup. Their syrup has a slight wood taste since it is evaporated over a wood fire, a wonderful addition for any true maple syrup consisour.

According to "The Iroquois Indians first developed maple syrup, and taught the process to the Colonial settlers, who used it as their only sweetener for many years. It's been a New England tradition ever since".

This trip to the farm was toped off with a walk through the barn, where we patted calves, kittens, and horses. Seeing all of the farm animals was a wonderful way to finish off an amazing breakfast!

Enjoy ~SJ

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Beth said...

I didn't even think about going to the Ferris Farm--nest year I will!