Monday, March 10, 2008

The Blog-O-Sphere Is On Fire!

Well our little network of bloggers in the "greater" - Dixfield community is getting to be very active. We are "tagging" each other with fun little blogging assignments, and are even picking up on each other's nicknames for local hangouts. As you all know (because I know that you wait on the edge of your seat for each of my new posts) I hung out at the Corner Store over the weekend. Mi Prima made a reference to it being a cool college hang out - if Dixfield had a college. Well that lead me to nicknaming the Corner Store - Dixfield University. In yet another sleepless night I realized that the initials of Dixfield University would spell D.U. (of course pronounced similar to Duh). Then came the idea of making a t-shirt, because what good idea isn't set in stone by turning it into a t-shirt?! So I think that the "greater"-Dixfield Blog-O-Sphere needs to design to t-shirt and all wear them proudly. Now all we need is a artist to design the logo, who's in?

Enjoy ~SJ

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