Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yes, this is yet another exciting game of Blogging Tag. Thanks to both Beth and Amity for including me in this cyber-playground game, I truly enjoy it!

Amity tagged me in her blog with the assignment to write seven things people don’t know about me! Here we go!

1) My Dad and I share the same birthday. He claims that the day I was born he stopped having his birthday, yet for some reason he looks older today than I remember him when I was little. Maybe it is all of the gray hair in his mustache.

2) My first word was "budboata". I used it to mean anything from the dog to the color of the sky. It truly is the new multipurpose word that just never caught on outside of my family. Try it out, it might be the new "wicked"

3) I still get left and right, orange and yellow, b and p, 6 and 9, elbow and shoulder mixed up. My mother claims that it is my learning disability, and that everyone has one. It is just that some peoples learning disability is worse than others, guess mine isn't that bad since I am making it through life.

4) I was a thumb sucker until the age of.... well I'm not really sure, but I do know I was
at least 10. Even though I was a thumb sucker for so long, my teeth are straight without braces.

5) I hate shots.

6) My favorite snack, even when I was little is provolone cheese. When I was little and I spent the day with Grammy Lillian at her store, Irish's Market she would give me provolone cheese as a snack.

7) Even though I have traveled the world far and wide, my favorite vacation spot is still my front porch at Worthley Pond.

Ok, there you go, those are my seven little known facts. Maybe you knew them, and maybe you didn't. I'm not going to tag anyone, but I do encourage follow readers to do the same on their blog and tag back to me via the comments link on here.

Enjoy ~SJ

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Mike said...

I share a birthday with Lea. Yeah, it takes a bit of the focus of you, but it's a present that keeps on giving.