Sunday, May 8, 2011

McLuhan Tetrad In Audio

** Cross post from Ed Tech U**

I am an avid listener to NPR and Prairie Home Companion is one of my favorite programs.  Yesterday morning while I was listening to PHC Garrison Keillor did a rendition of Little Deuce Coupe which can be heard here

It seems that almost every day I hear someone complaining about high gas prices and how much it costs to run their car.  I happily chime in with "Glad I own a Prius" and then tell them my most recent gas millage (which is currently climbing to over 48 mgp!). 

Since one of the themes of the course Emerging and Future Technologies was how one technology takes over for a previous one, I found this song only timely and fitting.  In today's society it seems to be more important how many mpg your car gets then how many horsepower the engine has.  This rendition of Little Deuce Coupe seemed like an audio version of McLuhan's tetrads.  I know the Prius isn't a "cool" car, but it does make a great conversation starter, and it is great on my wallet right now. 

Enjoy ~SJ

Friday, April 8, 2011


The Mother near the mother load of D&D coffee!
Yup, I just made up another word!  I had to come out of the blogging retirement of a big move, so why not a new word.  Actually, this isn't a new word, just a new word to you.  Back when I first started to blog I remember telling The Mother all about it.  She was at first confused what a blog was, since, well, the word blog doesn't sound like anything real at all.  Once I explained to her that blog stands for web log, she got it.  Then we started to joke about all of the new lingo floating around that is related to technology, and that people could actually study this.  We decided that this new area of study would be called blingo, short for web lingo.  If you study blingo you would be called a blingologist.  This thought all came back to me when I was recently reading a blog about twitter.  This blogger admitted that for the longest time when they read about "apps" they thought people were talking about appetizers!  How funny, and we all know that tons of people must have thought this same thing! 

Here's to The Mother, maybe one day you will become a blingologist - you could make a mighty fine one!

Enjoy ~SJ