Thursday, March 27, 2008

Great Paper Mystery

So this is what I woke up to find this morning in my bathroom:

So that means that either:
A) A robber broke into the house and decided to shred toilet paper all over the bathroom and kitchen
B) The toilet paper decided to explode in the middle of the night
C) Stanley decided after living in the house for over a year that he was interested in the toilet paper
D) Phoebe, who has always been intrigued with toilet paper tubes decided that she needed a new one to play with and removed all of the paper.

Stanley would like to make the following statement: "I was asleep beside The Feeder all night while the Little Black One was locked out of the bedroom due to her poor behavior".

Phoebe would like to make the following statement: "I don't know anything about the toilet paper, I just woke up and found it there. And I got rudely kicked out of the bedroom while The Orange Guy and The Feeder were sleeping, and I wanted to play".

If you have any clues, evidence, or opinions please help solve the Great Paper Mystery at the Shamrock.

Enjoy ~SJ


SJ said...

My friend Alexis said: "It was Ms. Phoebe in the bathroom with her paws"

rach :) said...

Hello.... Leprechauns....


Weather Boy said...

Nothing was stuck to your heel when you last left the bathroom?

FatBodyGuitar said...

Empress Phoebe rules the house with an iron claw, razor sharp teeth, and bone crushing jaws,

her many servants attend to her every need, want, and desire.......

Apparently, Empress Phoebe has expressed her displeasure with her many servant's job performance, and has expressed her displeasure with the destruction of.......... paper.............