Friday, March 21, 2008

Saving The Environment

In my attempt to save money and the environment last fall I bought myself a 49cc Honda Metropolitan. This amazing little motorcycle averages over 100 miles per gallon and tops out at 40 miles per hour! I know, I'm a regular Hell's Angle on this thing. The scooter is now sitting up in my shed behind the house waiting for the roads to be clear and safe for my big hog. Maybe within the next six weeks my wish will be granted, and I can start saving the environment again.
Enjoy ~SJ


Ms. Beane said...

First off, I did not see the poll because I read you on google, and I would love one of those shirts. it's been in the back of my mind since first hearing "DU"--what kind of shirt to design? But I love the idea of Bull Rock.

Second, LOVE THE DANG SCOOTER. I had one once upon a is the link:

FatBodyGuitar said...

Look out , "The Mods" from Quadraphinia are making a comeback! and Sting will have yet another career boost