Saturday, March 22, 2008

Early Arrival

So the Easter Bunny visited my house a little early. I must admit that I think that the Easter Bunny is slacking a little this year since he has taken to using the US Postal service, but then again I can't complain too much since he did remember me. My Easter package included many of my favorites, and I am almost convinced that the Easter Bunny must read my blog, since he included gourmet popping corn, my favorite mint candies, and some very exciting hard cherry candies, along with a small stuffed bunny. Then again, I don't think that the Easter Bunny is reading my blog since the package did not included peeps, and didn't I specifically request those a few blogs ago?

Oh well, can't complain too much, Easter baskets and packages are alway exciting to receive. So thank you Easter Bunny for my early spring presents!

Enjoy ~SJ


FatBodyGuitar said...

Peeps are evil

BC Book Talk said...

FYI- Peeps are made in Bethlehem, PA