Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Seriously Folks!

I have been a long time American Girl Doll fan - since around the age of 6. I had Kirsten and then Molly. This is way back when there were only three American Girls that we made in Europe. Let's flash forward twenty plus years to today. Now the American Girl Doll company has a store on 5th Avenue and is owned by Mattel (the owners of Barbie - GASP just the reason why I started playing with American Girl in the first place - to get away from Barbie!)

Now there are many more than three dolls in the line-up. I emailed American Girl early last year suggesting that they start making an Obama inspired doll - no can do. I just read today that they now have a homeless doll! Yes folks, a doll who is homeless for our pre-teens to play with! And we were worried about the poor body image that Barbie was sending. Let's just go back to the simple days of three dolls that you buy from a beautiful catalog and call it good!

Enjoy ~SJ

Monday, September 28, 2009


I own and rent government subsidized rental property. At times the hoops that you have to go through in order to meet all of the government codes are crazy! This recent Speed Bump comic reminds me of some of my recent conversations.

Enjoy ~SJ