Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dixfield University

Ok, there really isn't a Dixfield Univeristy, but Mi Prima and I have spent a large part of the day hanging out at the Dixfield Corner Store. Not only do they offer over twelve different flavors of coffee, and a complete Italian-esc sandwich deli, but they have free wireless internet! So, Mi Prima and I spent most of the day hanging out, surfing the internet, drinking coffee, eating amazing food and visiting with the wonderful people who came in. So, if Dixfield had a University, all the college kids would hang out at the Corner Store.

"Dixfield University"

SJ at "Dixfield Univeristy"

Enjoy ~SJ


Ms. Beane said...

This post totally inspired me. I am at good ol' Dixfield U. right now. You cannot beat the food, location, or free wireless.

Chip said...

I am so happy to read about your afternoon at the Corner Store. It reminds me I really need to get my "Free Wi-Fi" sign up. Thanks for blogging about us here! Chip Towle