Sunday, March 30, 2008

Come Sit On The Porch

With Janis Joplin blaring in the background I am enjoying my inaugural sit on the front porch of the 2008 season. I am trying to pretend that the view looks like this:

Instead it looks more like this:

The upside is that I at least get to be outside and enjoy some fresh air for a change. Only a Mainer would get excited about sitting outside in late March enjoying the sun when it is 40 degrees out!

Enjoy ~SJ


rach :) said...

Heck-- 40 degrees is a practical heatwave! I say bring on the potato salad (you don't even have to worry about it spoiling) and summertime beverages and live it up! If you follow the sun just right, you might even be able to take off your coat and mittens!!

katie said...

yecdbqqFunny, we just saw you today when the kiddos and I went for lunch at The Front Porch Cafe! Indoors or outdoors, today was a porch kinda day! I almost got out a lawn chair to sit in the drive way, which is looking more like pavement everyday! Maybe the DU crowd should come together for some summertime beverages when all of this is but a memory?

Beth said...

Oh I like that a blogger convention on your porch! Enjoy the beautiful day.

SJ said...

Ok - I will host a River Valley Blogger get together to celebrate the fact that we can all get out and socialize again!

Where: The Shamrock
When: Some Friday after school (date to be determined)
Why: Consume summertime beverages and celebrate

rach :) said...

WE'RE IN!!!!!


nina said...

Looks lovely to me--is that a loon on the windowsill? :-)

SJ said...

Yes that is a wooden loon that I named "Loonsworth"- a mix of Loon and Worthley Pond.