Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Slick and Speedy SJ

I guess I'm not the only SJ out there in the world. If I were a train, this is the train I would want to be, and it isn't just because of the name. A friend of mine who is into trains as a hobby recently sent me this link about a train in Sweden called the SJ. Not only is this a slick and speedy looking train (yes these are characteristics I would want if I were a train), but it is also an environmentally friendly choice (I hope that Mother Nature is reading this now!). The SJ website makes the following environmental claims:

SJ aims to reduce its environmental footprint

SJ is working daily to reduce its environmental footprint. The work involves everything from choosing eco-labeled electricity to sorting waste at source on board. Traveling with SJ means making your own contribution to sustainable social development.

So, if I ever travel to Sweden, I will make sure that I take a ride aboard the mode of transportation that is clearly named after me!

Njuta av ~SJ
("enjoy" in Swedish)

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