Monday, December 1, 2008


So I have been reading on several other peoples blogs about this thing called NaBloPoMo and have been confused about it since then. I decided to put an end to it and find out what it this strange word is referring to. Google to the rescue (insert super hero music here). Low and behold it stands for National Blog Posting Month and it even has its own website! It is a blog challenge, where you blog every day for a month, sounds easy enough. (Check back in with me towards the end of December).

When I first started blogging my original goal was to blog at least five times a week, I only need to blog 3 more times between now and Febrauary 18th to make that goal. According to my calculations if I blog at least once a day and sometimes more between now and February 17th I would hit the 365 blogs in one year mark. This has become my new goal. So stumbling onto the NaBloPoMo website came just in time. I am making it official, I am challenging myself to blog every day between now and December 31st. I hope this goes better than the time I challenged myself to swimming, we all remeber how well that turned out!

Enjoy ~SJ


rach :) said...

This is way easier than swimming. You can still post when it's cold.

notyourplainjane said...

You can do it SJ! I know you can!