Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Snow Woman!

Setting: Junior year of college dorm room
Timeframe: Study week for first semester finals

I lived in Dix hall at Simmons, and one year for a moral booster they decided to host a door decorating contest. My Roommate and I decided that this would be a fun activity, anything is better than studying for anatomy and Spanish finals! We brainstormed various ideas for awhile and somehow came up with the idea of building a 3-D snow woman on our door. This architectural feet took hours and days to create. We found huge white paper, cut up circles, stuffed it with cotton and "sewed" them together. Then we went and got real sticks for the arms, created a carrot nose that stuck out from the door, and fashioned a pipe out of a real acorn. My Roommate and I were very proud of ourselves, but we didn't just stop with the snow woman, yes we went one step farther. Since there was a little balcony above our room we decided to make it "snow" when the judges came by and have holiday music playing. We really out did ourselves when the judges came around, a friend of ours played Mother Nature and made it snow with little scraps of paper from our hole punch, the cd player was set to play, and we had a vacum standing near by to show that we were going to clean up the mess. My Roommate and I were very proud of our multi-day arts and crafts creation. We came in first, winning a poinsetia that My Roommate gave to her mother and some very nice chocolates. I can't tell you how we did on our finals that semester (I'm sure that we did exceptionally well even though we didn't really study), but I can say that My Roommate and I had an amazing time creating this snow woman and it still makes me chuckle to myself.

Enjoy ~SJ

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