Saturday, December 27, 2008


Thanks "Other SJ" for the blog topic idea for today (still running dry on my own material, only a few more days!) The Other SJ posted Seven Things You Might Not Know About Me, and then tagged seven people. Well, she didn't officially tag people, she just said if you have less than 7 letters in your name you were tagged. Well I'm it.

1) I don't really like winter coats. Yea, they have their purpose when it is really cold out and you are going to be outside doing nothing for extended periods of time. Most of the winter I wear down vests. Might not be super fashionable, but it works for me.

2) I really don't like oranges, or orange juice. Never really have, never really will. I will eat clementines and tangerines, I enjoy those. But their big brother, the orange, this SJ just isn't a fan.

3) I have this dream of wearing only socks that I knit myself. I have a thing for socks, I like to wear neat socks. People often comment on my nice socks, and I think it would be fun to say back "Why thank you, I knit them myself".

4) I never thought I would be a math teacher and like it. When I first was hired for the job that I have now I taught science and math. I only took the job because I really needed one and I was getting short on days before school started. A few months into it and I was hooked on teaching math. Now I no longer teach any science.

5) I only speak one language. I tried really hard at Spanish in high school and college, but when it comes to languages my brain is like teflon.

Numbers 6 and 7 to come tomorrow.

Enjoy ~SJ

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