Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hermit Hut

While looking through my iPhoto collection trying to come up with next weeks ABC blog for the letter "J" (tougher than it may seem) I cam across my Hermit Island pictures. Then I remembered, I have never blogged about The Hermit Hut!

When the Music Man and I go to Hermit Island we tend to walk/hike around a lot. The island has many well maintained trials that crisscross the island. One day we decided that we were going to walk the perimeter of the island. Along the way we came across several little beaches nestled in between the woods. On one of these beaches we discovered the Hermit Hut. This hut is built up against a rock face from items that have washed up on shore. It is a welcoming little hut, complete with benches inside. I decided that it might be good luck to leave a Hermit Island treasure on the hut in hopes of pleasing the Hermit Island Gods to allow us to come back to this little piece of paradise again.

SJ's offering (the rock) to the Hermit Island God's in hopes of a good reservation next year.

SJ being "artsy" with her shot from inside the hut.

Well we wrote the reservation request letter today, let's hope that my offering at the Hermit Hut helps us get the times that we requested!

Enjoy ~SJ

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Katie : said...

I grow up in Bath, so Hermit Island is a familiar place. It's a beautiful place where ocean meets forest. Good luck with your reservations.