Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Year Of The Pajamas

When My Mother and I are together for Christmas we typically open one present each the night before Christmas. We each pick out the present that the other should open, taking great pride in the selection. A few years back, when I was going to college in Boston and My Mother was the owner of the Shamrock, we sat down around the tree on the night before Christmas and gave each other the one present to open. I could tell before opening mine that it was going to be some sort of clothing item, I opened it excitedly hoping they might be new pajamas. They were red flannel pajama bottoms and little dachshunds on them. I started to chuckle and encouraged Mom to open her present. Well, low and behold we had gotten each other the same pair of pajamas, matching mother-daughter pajamas to sleep in the night before Christmas! You have to understand that My Mother and I would wear our pajamas all the time if it was socially acceptable. My Mother has even been known to host a Christmas or two outfitted in her most fashionable pajamas, and no one even knew. Maybe the most ironic part of this whole story is when we opened the rest of the presents the next morning we discovered that we had also purchased the same set of nesting bowls for each other. Odd, I would have to say yes.

When I saw My Mother last weekend in Florida for our early holiday celebration (the difference in ticket prices between last week and Christmas was crazy!), she gave all of use matching pajamas. Of course we posed for the photo-opt. Note that Gretal the dachshund is right there with us.

Enjoy ~SJ


bookbabie said...

Cute post, enjoy the holidays with your mom, they are precious:)

Katie : said...

PJs, always the perfect gift...