Thursday, December 4, 2008

American Doll

Dear American Girl Doll Customer Service,

I am now a grown up adult, but I do remember fondly playing with them as a child. I played with my American Dolls, Molly and Kirsten when there were only three dolls, and they were still manufactured in Germany. It is always exciting to see a girl on the streets carrying her American Doll around, or seeing specials about them on T.V.

With all of this said, I have a suggestion of a new doll for you. With the Obama children going to live in the White House, wouldn't it be nice to have an Obama inspired American Girl Doll? How much more American could this be, and imagine all of the exciting accessories she could have - a puppy, Presidential china!

Enjoy ~SJ


Sara Jane said...

I think that this is the best idea ever! I had Samantha and Felicity when I was growing up. When I got Sam, there were only 3 dolls. I received Felicity as a Christmas gift her first year out! I'm so sad that I didn't take better care of them. I think they are both living in a box somewhere in storage these days!

Gretchen said...

My daughter loved these dolls when she was younger. She still has her one and only doll that was made to look like her safely tucked away in a dresser drawer. I know she'll be passing it on to her own daughter some day (in the VERY, VERY far distant time).