Saturday, December 6, 2008

Blog Roll

I would like to share with you wonderful and dedicated blog readers some of the blogs that I read. I know that you can read them over on the left hand column of my blog, but lets be honest with ourselves does anyone ever really look there? When was the last time I updated that anyway? Who knows? My Google Reader is organized into three categories, well actually four, but I am not going to bore you with the education blogs I read, maybe another day. Drum roll please......

Blogger "Buddies" - These are the people that I really don't know in person but maybe some day I will.

Bookbabie - I started reading this blog after Beth (see RVB) won a book raffle from her and then kindly passed the book onto me.

Digital Polaroids - I just recently found this blog through Sky Watch, she takes amazing pictures is is from Argentina.

Indexed - Rach (see RVB) got me reading this blog. The author blogs through data charts and table - the geek in me just loves it.

It's like I'm...mmmagic - The "Other SJ" had this blogger fill in for her while she was away, started reading her ever since.

Not Your Plain Jane - The "Other SJ", witty, smart, successful, and a great writer.

Reflecting - No clue how I found this one, but she reads some really great books.

River Valley Bloggers - The RVB are people who live, or used to live in the River Valley. These are people that I know in real life, and many of them I work with.

Amity Etc. - The local Spanish teacher always posting great new photos.

Beth's Stories - A very dear friend who has helped me out of a few jams and tells some amazing stories.

Katieland - The wife of Tra1lNot3s, and elementary teacher who tells it how it is and always with a smile!

Tra1l Not3s - One of the high school social studies teachers who's blog might be as random as mine.

Panopticon - The daughter of Beth's Stories who is in the Peace Corps in Macedonia.

Life's Lessons - One of the Life Skills teachers who is tells about her life and work.

The Glass Is Pretty Full - One of the local art teachers who can capture a hilarious shot and put and even funnier caption with it. He also travels a bit to exotic locations and blogs about it.

The Ongoing Adventure of Chris - This is one of the former RV-ites, she is always off on an adventure (like 1000 mile bike trip!) and blogs about it.

There's Always Someone Cooler Than You - The husband of Life's Lessons and one of the local science teachers. Someone Cooler can come up with a humorous angle on of so many topics.

Travel With Charlie -The husband of Beth's Stories as well as a local English teacher. Charlie is an avid hiker and traveler and he tells about his adventures.

These are the random blogs that I don't know where they fit in...

Improv Everywhere - Is a blog about a group that creates improv activities all across the country.

Pooch Cafe - The blog of my favorite comic strip.

The Left-Handed Page - I'm left handed, so why not read a left-handed blog.

Enjoy ~SJ


bookbabie said...

Hey thanks for the shout out SJ, you made my day:)

Katie : said...

Thanks for the plug.

(Made me smile!)

Mrs. TRA1l NOT3S

Mike said...

Random posts is what I advertise and what you get.

The Backpacker