Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Birthday Bee

The night before my 4th or 5th birthday I informed my Mother that I couldn't wait until the Birthday Bee cam to visit me that night. My Mother, like any good mother, did not react in shock to this foreign idea, she simply asked "Who is the Birthday Bee?" The answer to that question is simple, the night before your birthday the Birthday Bee comes and visits you, removes your old number and replaces it with a new shiny number. During the day the Birthday Bee shines up the old numbers and gets ready to deliver them to people the next night. To my little mind this is how you got older, a bee brought you a new number. No idea where this whole idea came from, but I have always thought about turning it into a children's book.

Enjoy ~SJ

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Beth said...

That would make a great children's story. Happy Birthday to you!!!