Saturday, February 21, 2009

Socks The Clinton's Cat

It was announced yesterday that The Clinton's cat Socks has died. Now to most people this news may not mean anything, but Socks the cat was an important political figure in my young life. The Clinton's adopted Socks around the same time that Amy came into my life. Amy was my first cat, I picked her out and I named her. She was a black and white cat just like Socks, she also had a short stumpy tail only a few inches long. Now Amy was not the poster cat for friendly cuddly cats, but she tolerated my childhood antics that involved her. At this young age I thought it was interesting that the White House also had a black and white cat that even made the news every now and the. I collected Socks newspaper clippings and hung them down low around Amy's food, I think that she liked to dine with this famous cat.

The article from the Associated Press stated that after the Clinton's left the white house Sock went to live with Betty Curie, Bill Clinton's secretary. Living at the White House was not all fun and games for this black and white cat, before the presidency he was accustomed to roaming outside at his own will. His romps outside had to be curtailed, and on occasion was spotted outside on a leash. The entrance of Buddy, the chocolate retriever added even more entertainment for Socks, even President Clinton confessed that the relations between these to presidential pets was difficult when he said "I'm trying to work that out, it's going to take a while. It's kind of like peace in Ireland or the Middle East."

I am guessing that the White House must be some sort of fountain of youth for cats, Socks lived to be over 18 years old. India, the Bush's cat also died at the age of 18. I see Phoebe and Stanley writing to Obama to see if he will adopt them.

Enjoy ~SJ


KL said...

Phoebe and Stanley would NEVER leave the comfort and security of FOOD provided by the FEEDERS......

bookbabie said...

I didn't catch that story. Poor socks:(