Sunday, February 15, 2009

Firefly Lane

I just polished off the last of the books that I got for myself a few weeks ago. Since I tend to read books quickly I usually borrow books from friends and the library, but every now and then I purchase them for myself.

Firefly Lane is a beautiful story about two girls who grow into women and their friendship and life choices. Although it doesn't receive wonderful reviews (too made-for-TV-movie, cliche), it is a timeless story of the struggles that women face: career vs motherhood, family vs friends. I would have to agree with the Publisher Weekly review "with an over-the-top tear-jerker ending, though her upbeat message of the power of friendship and family will, for some readers, trump even the most contrived plot twists." The message rang through for me through the plot. It seems like a great while you're traveling book.

Enjoy ~SJ

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BC Book Talk said...

Strangely enough I just finished this book last week. I liked it.