Thursday, February 19, 2009

Opening Act?

I hung out with Mi Primia last night, and you know that's always guaranteed to be a fun time. We ended up hanging out with her neighbor since he had a few friends over. We were all sitting around the living room chatting, and this one guy kept going on and on about his troubles with all of his OUI charges. Now keep in mind, we had just met this guy, we had known him for less than 15 minutes. Which started me thinking, if this is his opening act, what else could he have to share? (As the evening went on, not a whole lot other than a great new blog idea.)

Since first impressions mean the world, that means that your opening act sets to tone for what else is to come about you. I got thinking about myself, how is my opening act? What are other people's opening acts?

Enjoy ~SJ

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