Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Paperback Book Swap

I signed up over vacation for this online service called Paperback Swap. As the title suggests, it is an online website that allows you to unload some of your unwanted paperbacks in trade for other peoples unwanted paperbacks. The librarian at my school told me about it, and it sounded too amazing for me to pass up. Last night was my night, I signed up, posted 10 paperbacks that I didn't need anymore and then picked out two books that I wanted. It is simple, for every one book that you send out, you can pick one book to be sent to you. You have to pay the shipping, usually less than $3.00, but other than that the service is free. Oh, and when someone requests a book from you Paperback Swap creates a mailing paper that you can print to use to package and wrap the book in.

Enjoy ~SJ

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