Monday, February 9, 2009

O Is For.......


My desk is cluttered with it. My students are interested in it. It tests my focus and precision. I have been folding origami since I was a child, and am still intrigued by how the piece all comes together in the end. I still find it challenging, and can fold for long periods of time. Lately have I have been folding multi-unit pieces; more than one piece of paper folded the same way multiple times to make a three-dimensional object. I have even branched into making up my own pattern (yup, you can call me an official dork now). The piece still needs some perfecting, but I have the basic idea down. It is fun, focuses my thoughts, and I end up with some great objects for my desk!

Enjoy ~SJ

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sarala said...

Very cool and not at all dorky, in my book.