Friday, February 6, 2009

A Simple Request Letter

Dear Mother Nature,

You are an impressive and powerful woman who gets to decided the weather fate of many people. I know that I choose to live in New England where we are known for our cold and snowy winters. I have to admit that this winter has been much better in comparison to last. I have enjoyed some snowshoeing, skiing, and haven't complained too much about the shoveling. I know that Mr. Phil saw his shadow earlier in the week and he predicted six more weeks of winter. I was wondering, oh wonderful and intelligent Mother Nature, if there was anything that you could do about his prediction? Is it possible if I sent you a petition with 50 signatures on it for spring sooner if this could possibly overturn Mr. Phil's prediction? Please let me know soon so that I can start collecting the signatures.

Enjoy ~SJ

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Weather Boy said...

Put Weather Boy on the list.