Saturday, April 19, 2008


I think the title of this sums up how wonderful I am feeling! I'm on vacation, doing some cat/house sitting in a wonderful little ocean community in Massachusetts. Only one saying comes to mind "Life is good"! The Music Man, Stanley, Phoebe and I all arrived last night after what seemed to be the longest day of school ever. Upon arriving the Music Man agreed (after we ran up over the dune and onto the beach) that we really were in paradise, and was thrilled that I convinced him to come down after school, and not Saturday morning. Phoebe had a very lovely drive down, and slept most of the time in her carrier. Stanley on the other paw, even with his new and larger accommodations still didn't enjoy himself all that much, what you have to go through to enjoy a little paradise ever now and then.

I thought that we were going to be "un-connected" all week, but I just discovered that we can pick up someones unlocked wireless signal. Thank the internet god, what would I do if I had no internet for a week! The Music Man is rationing my internet time, since it is vacation and there is a little slice of paradise waiting for us just outside the door!

Enjoy ~SJ


rach :) said...

What a perfect destination for April break!!! Consider me insanely jealous. We'll have to compare notes on where you were in relation to where we go every July...

Do let me know when you're home. There is definitely some celebrating in our futures. And tell the Music Man not to keep you too far from the internet for too long-- withdrawals are not pretty!

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