Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blogging Book Tag

I ran into two of my favorite RVB-ers today, Beth and Rach! I saw Beth this morning in the office at the middle school, she dropped by to put the book she was passing onto me in my mailbox. I saw Rach on my way out the door at the end of an inspirational day. Rach and I shared a few chuckles about our most recent blogs, lack of good music on the radio, and a future RVB-er get together.

The reason why Beth dropped by the middle school was to pass on a book that she had won from another fellow blogger, bookbabie. Bookbabie did a review of a book she had just finished and offered a copy to be raffled off to anyone who commented to the blog (now that's a way to get people comment!) Well as luck would have it Beth won the raffle! She read it on a recent trip, and has now passed it onto to me. I will reserve my review of the book for once I have finished it, although after the first few chapters I can see why people are passing it on for others to read - I can't put it down!

Well, this whole blogging book passing has inspired me. Beth wrote in the front of the book her name, address, and blog address. Then she wrote my name! When I pass it on I am going to write my blog address as well as the lucky recipient (Rach). Then I decided that I am going to post back to the original owner of the book, bookbabie, as well as Beth. I am also going to include a note in the book to keep it going, as well as asking the new reader to comment back to all of the previous owners. What a fun little game of blogging book tag! If it all goes well I might just have to start it again with another must-read book!

Enjoy ~SJ


Beth said...

Glad you are enjoying it!

bookbabie said...

Oh how fun, I love that the book is being passed along to others. My own little contribution to literacy and fun:)

rach :) said...

Modeling the importance of friendship, reading, and sharing all at once. Bonus!

can't wait for my turn :)