Sunday, April 27, 2008

Remember Me? Blogging Book Tag!

As I mentioned in an earlier post there has been a little game of book blogger tag. Beth won a book from Book Babie and passed it on to me. Well, the book sat on my night stand for a few weeks, and I took advantage of my vacation to finish it.

Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella was a wonderful way to escape from my own world into the exciting and at times confusing world of someone with amnesia. The choices that we make in life to get ahead, and the lives that we chose to live our well laid out my Kinsella, and she is on my must read list for the rest of the summer.

In the fashion and blogging, I am passing this book on to another fellow blogger, Rach. I am sure that she will enjoy it as well. I have included the following directions along with our blog addresses:

Congratulations! You are the proud recipient of a well traveled book from a line of bloggers. You have been selected to read the book and pass it on to another fellow blogger. Once you have finished reading the book, please post a blog about it, including links back to the previous readers. Also, please post a comment on the previous readers blogs so that they can see how far the book has traveled!

Enjoy ~SJ


bookbabie said...

I'm so excited the book is hitting the road, it will be so much fun to track it on it's travels:)

rach :) said...

I am excited to be next on the list. Sounds like a good read!

rach :) said...

I finished it yesterday-- started it yesterday, too. A little too predictable for me, but still very cute and perfect for summer vacation.

Eston said...
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