Wednesday, April 30, 2008

SJ Cuts The Cable!

Yesterday was a monumental day for me on many fronts. One of the largest steps forward for me was my cancellation of my cable TV service. Now I am still going to use Time Warner Cable for my phone and internet connection, just not TV. I can live with no cable, but don't take my internet away! Canceling the cable has been an idea that I have been tossing around for several weeks now. I hardly ever watch it, and spend most of my free time reading or surfing the internet. When I do want to watch something on my amazingly large TV complete with surround sound I simply pop in one of the DVD's that I got in the mail from Netflix, watch one of the shows I downloaded from iTunes, or stream a show off from the internet. Ahh, the convinces of modern technology!

Enjoy ~SJ


rach :) said...

Wow! I'm impressed!! I'm not ready to give up my idiot box. I should, but I should also give up refined sugar, but I don't see that happening either.

Like I said, I'm impressed.

Weather Boy said...

Does "Project Runway" come on Netflix or iTunes?

SJ said...

Sorry Weather Boy, no P.R. on iTunes.... guess I will just have to cut that habit - hope I make it.

As for refined sugar, also on the "to do list", not sure if I will ever get to it.