Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mike's Pastry

A trip into Boston's North End is never complete without a trip to Mike's for a cannoli or two. Mike's Pastry is the landmark pastry shop of the North End, and I have frequented it many times in my years of living in Boston. My Mom would always get excited when she would see me get off the bus from Boston with the trademark white and blue box, tied of course by hand with blue and white string.

On a trip into the city the Music Man and I met a dear friend for dinner in the North End finished off with a trip to Mike's. We were so full after our amazing dinner of seafood and pasta that the cannoli's are still sitting in the fridge awaiting consumption. I think I had enough calories yesterday just from standing in line at Mike's awaiting my turn at the large glass case, drooling over the overwhleming number of choices. In the end I got the ol' standby, some chocolate covered cannoli's, and some regular cannoli's, as well as a new treat, apple cinnamon puff pastries as recommended by the Mike's employee.

Enjoy (I know that I will!) ~SJ

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Beth said...

it sounds like you are having a great time. Enjoy your vacation and see you soon.