Friday, April 18, 2008

He's Too Fat!

The Music Man just called to inform me why Stanley doesn't like his cat carrier so much, he is just too fat to fit in it. Maybe this explains why he hates getting in it so much, and why he fights so much to get out of it. So, the Music Man being the new cat lover that he is, went out and purchased Stanley a new, larger cat carrier. Now I feel like one of those parents who has to go out and buy the oversized car seats because their child is obese! I guess my "little" orange boy is going on a diet, anyone know of a great gym for cats?

Enjoy ~SJ


Weather Boy said...

He looks pleasantly plump to me.

bookbabie said...

We had a "big boned" orange kitty too for years, aptly named Garfield. We tried to put him on a diet several times but he always made us pay for it. He would try and trip us on the stairs, unroll the toilet paper, and finally he began to sacrifice birds and lay them neatly on the front door mat where I couldn't help but see them and let out a scream as I reached for the morning paper. After three days of this torture we took him off his diet. He lived fifteen happy years and we figure we saved hundreds of birds lives by feeding him on demand:)