Monday, April 21, 2008

Apple Store!

Yesterday was my first experience with a real live Apple Store! Being an avid Mac user for several years (I kicked the PC habit a few years back for the stability and cool i-family of tools), I felt as though I had died and gone to heaven when I walked into the store! The first amazing "toy" that caught my eye was the new MacBook Air, which has been advertised that it can fit inside a manilla envelope. Well I think that you can fit that laptop in there along with several important documents, that's how thin it is!

The Music Man and I were at the Apple Store not for myself (although Santa should start taking notes), we were there to get a "tricked out" black MacBook so the Music Man can record his gigs and stuff. After over an hour of endless questions on out end, and wonderfully interesting questions on our personal shoppers end (yes, you can sign up for a time and have a personal shopper help you with your purchase!) the Music Man walked out of the store the proud new owner of his own Mac! It was an exciting moment! The best news that our personal shopper V told us is that an Apple Store will be opening in Maine within the next few months!

Enjoy ~SJ

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