Saturday, April 12, 2008


Here in Maine we are all about the bargain, and if you want to be able to call yourself a true "Mainer" you are a regular Marden's shopper. The Music Man and I go to our local Marden's at least once a week to look for the latest great deal. You never know what you are going to find at Madren's, everything from mattress to super glue, and everything in between. It is the store you go to without looking for something specific, but you always leave with something that you knew you just couldn't live without.

Well, the Music Man and I were talking about summer plans and what we wanted to accomplish. Amongst many other things (more on this later), we decided to challenge ourselves with the "Tour de Marden's". The rules of the Tour de Marden's are simpe: visit every Marden's in Maine during the summer. We added to the challenge by requiring ourselves to purchase at least one item from each store for under $10. We were both very excited about this challenge until we just learned that there are Marden's up in The County, and Calais! So, we shortened the challenge (in the name of Mother Nature and saving on gas) to the following towns:
Ellsworth, Brewer, Waterville, Lewiston, Grey, Sanford, Bidderford, Portland, and Rumford. We both think this is a doable challenge, and may extend it to all of the stores in future summers if we ever have the desire to drive for endless hours "up north".

As the Marden's motto goes "I should have bought it when I saw it at Marden's". I will keep you posted on how we do with this challenge, and what little treasures we find at all of them.

Enjoy ~SJ


Mike said...

Should have kept the commitment when you had it.

A Tour de Marden's would be no fun without a quality trip to the County.

The one is PI rocks!

FatBodyGuitar said...


six hours north? or six hours south......

tough call

Weather Boy said...

Oh, my. That's inspired in a "teachers with way too much free time in the summer" way. But not doing the County and Calais is kind of like leaving out the New England states from an Appalachian Trail trip. I say do it.