Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Real Life Flair?!

I have become a Facebook addict, and besides connecting with friends I like the application Flair. Now in case you are not familiar with Flair basically it allows you to collect and give virtual pins. These pins allow you to show off your interests, hobbies, and humor. Sorry to all of my friends if I have Flair-spammed you, the flair made me think of you at the time - feel honored.

Today I was reading a Blogger Buddies blog Que Sara Sara! (a.k.a. The "Other" SJ). SJ is away on a vacation, and since she is such a thoughtful blogger, she brought in guest bloggers while she is away. Today The "Other" SJ had Brandy from It's like I'm...mmmagic!" post. Brandy talked at length about Girl Scout badges and how it is too bad that we don't have adult badges (she called them flair).

Brandy's thoughts about adult Girl Scout badges got me to thinking about what sort of badges I have earned. Here is the short list:

  • Master whoopie pie maker
  • Middle school field hockey coach
  • Proud ownder of two precious cats
  • Can drive a standard
  • Can set up a tent in less than ten minutes

What sort of adult Girl Scout badges have you earned?

Enjoy ~SJ

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