Monday, October 20, 2008

Ant Farm!

You may remember that I placed an order for the ants for my ant farm a month or so back. Last week the ants for my ant farm arrived. This has been a much anticipated package, many of my students were asking on a daily basis when the ants would arrive. Here is a picture of what was inside the package.Included in the package were not only the live ants, but also a light, magnifying glass, activity/fact book, membership card and a poster. The light is a definitely a great addition to the farm since it helps us see the tunnels in more detail inside.An interesting fact that I learned about ants is that the majority of ants are females. Ant colonies only have a few males that are kept around for reproducing. So, the ants that came in the mail for me are all females! Pretty cool, huh?!
Enjoy ~SJ

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KL said...

How do Ants taste with coffee?