Thursday, October 16, 2008

C Is For....


I know that you all know I am a appreciator of the feline kind. Through my life I have almost always had a cat in my home. These felines have always held a special place in my heart, one of the most special ones is Sterling Silver.

My Mother rescued Sterling from a pet store after multiple visits. They met each other prior to My Mother's back surgery when My Father would take her on short drives to get her mind off the pain. Sterling made sure that when My Mother was in the store she played it up extra how cute and tiny she was. Since Sterling was the runt of the litter she was an exceptionally tiny kitten. So small in fact, she needed to step to get in and out of the litter box.

Sterling was a loyal cat, who would rearrange her busy day when you were sick to lay in bed with you. She always greeted you at the door when you came home, and was always polite around visitors. Sterling was known for her "voice", and used it often. On one occasion a telemarketer thought Sterlings "talking" in the background was my baby crying!

Sterling had a silvery colored coat, thus the name, complete with double paws, huge ears and eyes, and no tail. My Mother and I always joked that she was too busy making sure that she got nice fur, ears, eyes and paws, that she forgot to get in line for a tail! Tail or no tail, Sterling is still a purrfect cat in my book.

My Mother and I always joked about Sterlings extensive "life" outside of our home. After September 11 we decided that Sterling had become Jewish "to be show her acceptance of diversity". This fictious story extended to the observation that the "Shalom bus would pick her up to go to Temple on a weekly basis". The stories went on and on..... the never ending creativity.

Sterling started out as a childhood cat, and then once My Mother started going to Florida for the winters, she become my first pet as an adult.

She enjoyed spending her summer days chasing the ducks up the stream and the chimpmunks along the rock wall. In the winters she found a sunny spot in the house to take long cat naps.

Like all cats Sterling got old, and after 14 years of being my loyal cat it was time to say goodbye. I burried her behind the house in an area that she enjoyed spending her summer afternoons. Her grave is marked with a small pile of stones and a marker reading "In memory of a faithful friend and companion".

Enjoy ~SJ

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Katie : said...

Cats are wonderful, aren't they! I'm sorry for your loss.