Wednesday, January 7, 2009

While The Feeders Away....

Ok, Phoebe and Stanley have launched themselves into a whole other level of cat mischievous while the Feeders are at work. We all know that Phoebe has a thing for destroying toilet paper. Her new thing is to try to get the shreds in as many rooms as possible, current high score of four rooms. Well now she has worked her way up the paper chain and her new choice paper product is newsprint. Yesterday I came home to an Uncle Henry's newsprint magazine shredded all over the house. The majority of the contents were left in the toilet! (I restrained myself from taking a photo of it, I wasn't sure how you would feel about seeing my toilet or how I felt about my toilet bowl being plastered all over the internet). Now and Uncle Henry's magazine is not a light object for a cat to lift up. I am guessing that it required both Phoebe and Stanley to achieve this feat.

Any suggestions?

Enjoy ~SJ

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