Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Two Hour Delay...

A school delay is like free time off that you never have to make up. Sure, it makes for a weird day at school; classes get cut or shortened, you eat lunch almost as soon as you get there. But, you get extra time in the morning to sit around and drink coffee (and blog)!

The one hour delay isn't so hard, but the two hour delay always gets me standing in the middle of my house saying things like "Well normally we start at 8 (I leave at 7:20), so if there is a two hour delay we start at 10 (I leave at 9:20)." A two hour delay is like one of those nightmare train problems "If train A leaves the station at 10:30 traveling 55 mph, and train B leaves the station at 11:00 traveling at 45 mph, what time will they meet?"

I think I have it all figured out when I need to leave the house and didn't need to make a chart to help me find the solution.

Enjoy ~SJ

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rach :) said...

I used to love the train A word problems. Not sure I could do one now, but... I guess I really am a math geek.