Friday, January 23, 2009

Presidential Adventure

Since he can no longer lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, George W moved to 10141 Daria Pl in Dallas. This is a non-gated community that you can just drive by, so being the adventurer that I am I went for a little drive today to Daria Place. I plugged in the address into my new and amazing GPS (more about this in another post), and followed the directions. As I drove the houses got bigger (like everything in Texas) and nicer. I knew I was close when I saw a news crew at the end of the road, and people driving slowly with cameras in hand (like me). The lawns in the area had signs on them welcoming their new residents. I didn't dare drive by and take a picture, I don't need to get mixed up with being questioned by secret service with Beth being so far away. I didn't really see much, but it was fun!

Enjoy ~SJ

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Beth said...

Wow! What an adventure. In 1995 (I think) I was in LA on business during the OJ trial and had to take my rental car by all the pertinent places--I even stole a piece of the crime scene tape and carried it with me through law school--I don't know why. I'm glad you didn't get into any legal trouble, we haven't yet had a federal situation to deal with but I'm up for it when you are.