Friday, January 9, 2009

Don't Ya Just Love The Marden's Lady?

Ok,I wouldn't say that I love her, but she certainly sticks with you. Recently I discovered that the Marden's lady, a.k.a.Birdie Googins, as actually a well accomplished actress. According to the Maine Arts Commission, Karmo (Martha) Sanders, the Marden's Ladies real name has her masters degree from Boston University. The Maine Arts Commission goes on to say:
Formerly associated with Radical Radio, a musical extravaganza for young people which opened Off Broadway and toured the East Coast for five years, Ms. Sanders collaborated as an actress, writer, and producer of that show. A dedicated writer she looks forward to working in educational settings. "There is nothing more rewarding in the entire world, than watching young people awakening in a discovery of their own creativity. The art of understanding and writing dialogue is imperative. Whether in plays, screenplays or fiction believable dialogue is vital to a writer. I offer fun, simple keys and tools composed specifically to unleash the voices within the character.
The Birdie Googins website says:

The last thing in the whole world Birdie (aka: the Marden's Lady) expected - was becoming a super model. She's been called a phenomenon in Southern Maine; up North she's an icon. Finding herself with the status of a super model has its challenges: keeping her mascara from running while racing from the paparrazzi being just one of them.

But being a star also has its rewards: everybody and anybody she meets speaks to her. And that's a joy, walking around the world talking to strangers. Finds out she's wicked popular. She can't go through a toll booth without being asked, "Are you the Marden's Lady?"

'Course as Birdie always says: "Hard for people sometimes, seeing me up close and personal. I'm much more glamorous in real life here aren't I?" A lady at an Irving station once asked about the Marden's commercials: "Are you really having that much fun?" The answer: absolutely!

And of course, if you just haven't had your fill of her wonderful commercials you can always watch more at the Marden's webiste.

While I'm doing this little plug for Birdie I might as well also mention that she can be hired as a personality for functions. You may contact her through Utobia Model and Talent: 207.725.1364 or

Enjoy ~SJ


Weather Boy said...

"Don't Ya Just Love The Marden's Lady?"
I'm sorry, but in a word? No.

Katie : said...

She's memorable, but at the same time, embarrassing.

Robert said...

WeatherBoy and Katie, etal ---- The best things in life sometimes take a little getting used to. Birdie is one of those things. Love ya, Birdie!
(Ms. Sanders - Do you also write the Birdie scripts?)

Guggie said...

Was your dad Jay Lello?