Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kermit and Obama

I was stuck in D.C. for a few extra hours on my travels to Dallas. Not a bad place to get stuck considering they were getting ready for the inauguration. One gift shop was dedicated to only Obama gear - they even had a bobble head Obama (you know you have made it when you are a bobble head, personally I would rather a bobble feet SJ). I decided to take a picture of Kermit with a bobble Obama to share with my students when I got back.

On another note, I think I have found a new theme of pictures - my mini Kermit in various locations. It has been really fun coming up with new places to put him.

Ok, now back to Bobble Obama.... so after I took the picture a Obama gift shop employee came over to yell at me that you can't take pictures in the store. WHAT? No pictures in the store? I tried to explain that I am a teacher, this is my classroom mascot, and that I'm just going to share with my students back in rural Maine. This was not ok with the employee, so I slinked off to waste my time in yet another store.

Enjoy ~SJ

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