Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Mother Goes Techy!

As The Music Man put it "the end of the world is near...." My Mother started a blog (without my help might I add). VERY impressive! You have to understand that My Mother is not technology challenged, since she is retired she is just hasn't been immersed in it as much as others are. Well Mom, you have blown SJ away with your creation of your own blog. I know that you will enjoy blogging once you get started (and you already have the hard part all done). I know that you will keep us all in stitches with your witty postings, oh please do the "blingo" blog post soon!

Regular and irregular readers please add The Mother's blog to your RSS feed, or links, or however you keep up on your blogs. Her blog link is: sledgirl

Enjoy ~SJ

1 comment:

The Mom said...

Hello From Space,

I have tried to write a comment ALL am. Yes, I have a blog page,if that's what it is called? I feel like I'm now stuck on the G-Force test they use to send astronots(sp) into space. You know,they first used monkeys. So, you know where I am in the revolution/evolution of the tech era.

SP=spelling. This is what I used before spell check. SJ got the SP gift/curse from moi(PIGS In Space)...