Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Is For.....

Ice!I took this picture several years ago before I owned a digital camera. Mi Prima and I decided to spend a day slipping and sliding around on the ice on the pond. It was a unique year since the pond was frozen and the ice was safe, but we had no snow. In one of my very first blog posts I told the story of how I came to take this picture. I know that I could just put a link in and some of you might click back to that early blog, but I will paste it below to make your life a little easier.

One winter day Mi Prima and I were sitting in my house looking out at the pond. She looked at me and said "You know, I don't know what the inside of an ice fishing shack looks like. Do you?" To be honest, here were two girls born and brought up in Maine and neither one of us had been inside an ice fishing shack. So what else were we to do? We got all bundled up and went for an adventure!

We knocked on the first ice fishing shack that we
came to, and the two men inside greeted us. After explaining to them that we just wanted to see the inside of an ice fishing shack they invited us in and explained all about the shack. After their detailed explanation, and filled with all of the knowledge about ice fishing shacks that two girls need we went off to take some pictures.

As I sit here in my kitchen looking out on the pond and blogging about the ice on the pond I have to report that the freezing process started overnight. The little cove that I live in has ice all the way around the edge. Only a few more weeks of open water. Maybe we will have another few weeks of frozen pond and no snow so that Mi Prima and I can go exploring and playing again.

Enjoy ~SJ

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