Saturday, November 29, 2008

A New Feet Shot!

Whenever I go someplace new or different I take a picture of my feet there. When my computer crashed over the winter I lost a lot of my pictures, especially my feet on the beach in Humarock. While I was there for Thanksgiving I went down to the beach to get a few new shots. The tide was coming in and almost high and due to this there was all this great foam. The Music Man suggested that if I were fast enough I could get a picture of my feet in the cold ocean foam. SJ, who will do anything for a great new feet picture decided that she was fast enough. I managed to get the picture, but I had to scurry backwards up a rocky incline to get away from the next wave in time. Let's just say that I needed to change my socks once we left the beach. What I will do for my faithful blog readers since I know they love my feet pictures!

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