Thursday, November 13, 2008

Makes Me Smile

I decided a few days ago that I was going to create my very own blog award. Part to spread around some wonderful blogs that I read, and also in part because I have always wondered where these "blog awards" come from. Here are the criteria for the award:

1) Provides entertainment for their readers
2) Blogs about various topics
3) Makes me smile and laugh to yourself when I read their posts and inspires me to write more.
4) Some of the winners you know in real life, while others you only know through the blog-o-sphere

I SJ bestow this brand new blog award to (insert drum roll here)

There Is Always Someone Cooler Than You
Beth's Stories
Que Sara Sara
and my latest new blog find: It's Like I'm.....mmmagic!

1 comment:

Weather Boy said...

SssswEEEEt! Is there a way to attach the award to my blog? I'm gonna find out!

Thanks for the love. I wish I were more regular in my posting so I could be even MORE entertaining and inspiring.

Right back at ya on the inspiration...