Sunday, November 9, 2008

F is for.....


The Music Man and I have been entertained by a frog that has been living at his house all summer. It has lived all around the house, wood pile, behind hubcaps, on a rock, in the tomato garden, and currently in the sump pump hole! We have been trying to fish him out all day with no luck. We are getting worried about his lack of food in this little hole and if we aren't able to get him out soon I might take a trip to the local pet store to find out what to feed "pet" frogs.

This Just In, Frog Update: (I blogged about the Frog days ago but forgot to push post). The Frog has since been removed from the sump pump hole. This is after I went out and purchased Repto-Min (a floating reptile "pet" food). Froggy did not eat the Repto-Min which thus caused even more stress for the Music Man and I (we couldn't bare the thought of our like guy dying on us). Yesterday the Music Man managed to get Froggy into a container and we placed him outside. After about 30 minutes I went and checked on him, good news, he was not in the spot where we put him. I can only hope that he finds a nice muddy spot to go and hibernate in, and does not come back into the basement.

Enjoy ~SJ

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