Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stanley MIA!

After getting home from summer school I got inspired to vacuum. This little project consumed a few hours since I decided to reorganize the front porch while I was at it. After being home for awhile I notice that I had not seen Stanley, I remembered being greeted by Miss Phoebe, but no big orange cat. I scoured the house high and low, not Stanley. So I could only conclude that he had slipped outside and was enjoying the summer day. I went searching outside, calling his name and shaking the treats; no Stanley. I decided to go back inside and give up, either he was going to come home or he wasn't. After moping around the house entertaining the idea that Stanley was gone, he came sauntering out of the laundry room like nothing had ever happened. I stumbled upon this cartoon of a cat brain. I think that the "inexorable fear of vacuum cleaners" part explains Stanly's mysterious disappearance and then reappearance.

Enjoy ~SJ

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Ken said...

I am sure that he found his "special" place to hang out, a place that the feeders don't know about and can't find,........ a place where the young female cat hasn't been nor would ever think of looking to be............. a place where the the guest dog, (yes, I am sure He knows that this thing is NOT a cat......) cannot find either. His own piece of heaven, hmmmmmm a wonder..............