Sunday, July 6, 2008

Riding Around In My Watermobile

With no particular place to go. Ok, just admit it, you are signing along to the Chuck Berry tune No Particular Place To Go right now. It has been stuck in my head since yesterday when Mi Prima and I went for a little canoe ride to "The Other" end of the pond. She changed the lyrics and sang "Riding around in my watermobile" during our whole trip! We wanted some ice cream, so we decided to paddle to The Bus, an old school bus that has been fixed into a hamburger/ice cream store. During the trip we reminisced about all of the time she and I had spent together on the pond, from boating, to biking, to swimming. We decided that we must have spent more time together swimming in the pond than any other two cousins.

Enjoy ~SJ


rach :) said...

Except for some reason I have linked that song with the Monkey's I'm a Believer. Don't ask why-- there is no good reason. So now I'm singing my own personal medley. You do not want to hear how it sounds :)

Weather Boy said...

We met su prima on Friday, at the wedding of a mutual friend. Rach freaked her out with all the prior knowledge of her life that she had.